Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Little Giant

I'm sitting at the hospital tonight with my neice Telma. For those of you out their who don't know Telma, I'll fill you in before I tell you what an honor it is for me to be sitting at the side of her hospital bed. Telma was born in the Marshall Island. She was born with severe scoliosis and never received medical care for her condition. When she was 9, my brother and sister-in-law met her while they were in the Marhall's to adopt their twin daughers Teyolla and Keyolla. When they saw her need for medical care, they stepped into action; and soon after Telma was brought to the states to receive corrective surgery on her back. A team of specialist in Indianapolis donated over a quarter of a million dollars in care for Telma to receive the surgery that she needed! A rod and nine screws were put into her back, and miraculously the doctors were able to gain a 70% correction in her spine. They had anticipated only a minor correction, one that would basically prevent any further curvature. We were all blown away by God's goodness during this first surgery. Other surgeries followed after infection set in. Telma returned to the hospital three times after surgery due to infection. The past few years have been surgery free, however just before Thanksgiving a staph infection set in and Telma is now in the hospital.

Friday, Telma had back surgery to remove the rod and screws in her back, and to clean out her back from the infection. The surgery went well, however the doctors will be going back in one more time tomorrow morning to remove any lingering infecion before closing her back. She will most likely be wearing a back brace for several months due to instability in her spine. She faces another surgery a few months from now for bone grafting.

I tell you all that to tell you, I am in the presence of a giant. This tiny girl who is now 15, blows my mind. She is passionate for Jesus, and is a faithful intercessor at IHOP. She serves the Lord with gladness in every possible way! She can often be found running the power point in the prayer room. If I can't remember where Uncle John is, Telma usually knows! She can keep track of his schedule better than I can! She is an amazing friend. I watch her with her peers, as she encourages them in the Lord and I'm sure inspires them to walk a steady walk.

I am watching this young lady, now facing incredible pain, yet handling it with unbelievable grace! I feel honored just to be with her here tonight. Pray for her please as she walks through yet another surgery and the morning, and the recovery in the days to come!